A pinch and a punch

This morning I read my horoscope and even though I always giggle and say this is such bullshit, secretly, I cannot wait to open my mail and read what the new month holds for me.

And this month, the new month and the new moon bring DELIGHT.

Pure brilliant unadulterated delight.

Bear in mind I do not read any horoscope. I only read Susan Miller who is seriously brilliant. And it’s not always delight.

But March.

Dear beautiful March has left me feeling inspired and fabulous and I cannot stop smiling.

March, she told me, is the month to work very very very hard so the rest of the year is filled with books, publishing and broadcasting and you know, she got it.

Everything I read, honestly and cross my heart and all that stuff, is exactly what I’ve been thinking about over the last few days. And having meetings about. And started putting into action.

And yes, as a side issue, I have meetings! And darling Susan who I think is my best friend even though she doesn’t know this, spoke about collaborations and partnerships and working with women and this is EXACTLY WHERE I AM GOING!

There’s also mention of a first date and love and the new moon and romance and you know maybe I am sick or something but I don’t even care about that bit.

She didn’t mention sex .

But who cares. I’m all about the work.

And here I go.

I just typed my title in BOLD.

BOLD, I say.

That means commitment.

14 thoughts on “A pinch and a punch

  1. I had to google Susan Miller – those are some seriously in-depth horoscopes! Apparently I have home renovations in my future. Hooray….

    As for you and your career and your motivation levels, horoscope or not… GET IT, GIRL!

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  2. I love Susan Miller! You turned to a good source! Looks like you have the green light so GO FOR IT. I’ve always tried… not necessarily “always” successfully to try to follow the “spriit” of S. Miller’s astrological forecast. It always seems true in a large general way and more often than not in a particular way. Oh, and sometimes, “romance” is code for “sex.” So have fun! 🙂

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