Escorts, hookers, call girls, me

One of the comments on my blog this week was from a woman who works as an escort in Spain.

‘I found your blog’ she wrote. ‘I work for an escort agency in Europe and would be very keen to collaborate with you. Please let me know if this could be interesting for you.’


Or course.

I love that I, in this odd online life, have met the most interesting people.

I love that through my writing I have engaged with so many different kinds of people.

And I love that I have learned so much.

I remember when I was young and silly and would kinda gasp at the idea of an escort. There was always some fascination but also that thing of ‘Oh my gosh how could she…’

I’m wiser now.
I’m older now.
I’m far less judgemental now.

Women do what they gotta do. And maybe I’m making a mistake here as I am writing about escorts and sex workers in the same breath and it’s not the same at all but there is kind of a fine line, so yeah, shoot me, I’m putting them together.

There are women who do sex work because they have to. Awful, dangerous and degrading work. We need to do whatever we can to support these women and make sure they are safe. And somehow take the stigma of sex work away.

There are other women who choose to do sex work because it’s profitable. Good money. Maybe even, dare I say it, fun.

I’m with all these women. Whether you’re an escort, a sex worker, a hooker or a whore – hey, I’m there.

We do what we gotta do. Or want to do.

And yes.

Woman in Barcelona.


I’m interested. I’m interested because I just stalked you and read your entire blog, like 200 blogs over 3 years, and you are an amazing writer and now I am no longer sure if you are an escort at all, but hey.

Let’s talk.

Whatever it is that you do.

Because I have learned that pretty much everything, and everybody, is interesting.

We only have to open our eyes.

Look. Listen.

And get paid? Why not. (Link to the maybe not an escort site…)

18 thoughts on “Escorts, hookers, call girls, me

  1. I always feel that the people we least expect to come into our lives have the best stories!

    I find people completely fascinating. The truth is I’m a lot more eloquent in writing than I am face-to-face (when people make eye-contact with me I feel like they’re trying to bore a hole into my soul), but I do enjoy talking to all kinds of people as long as I’m in control of the situation.

    I’m intrigued to see where this new budding friendship goes…..!

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  2. I would be absolutely fascinated to read her stories and understand. Back in 2012 I visited my friends in Amsterdam who lived very near the Red Light District and explained that most of the workers were Eastern European, and if I took out my camera, would not consent to have their pictures taken for fear of their families finding out. Sure enough, when I was in the oldest alleyway where it all started and angled my shot so that none of the ladies could be seen, they still drew their curtains. They have daily challenges that those of us who are not in the sex trade don’t, like how do they explain they income to their families? And how do they make sure they stay safe? And for all that is holy, why do the men hardly ever come under scrutiny? When I was wandering through the alleys, one young man was coming out of a “visit” and his mates were cheering him on, so I stood with his group and cheered him on too. They all got a bit quiet and embarrassed, and then laughed. I do hope she allows you to share.

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  3. I think the scrutiny, the stigma, the hiding, shame, all of that stuff, can only change with education. and support. I do think sex work should be seen as any work where the workers (not always women) get benefits, health care etc.
    N.B The blogger that I found is an escort but her writing is about everything else. The link is now on my blog.

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  4. Funny about the escort thing. I actually follow some on twitter and they are all quite interesting ladies. You see the depictions in the media and society; the girls hanging off of your window acting lewd and brash, however these women are hardly the same. They are confident and using what they have to live a life they enjoy. Some do it for a while and drop out. Some do it until they are no longer in demand. Most who do it for any length of time enjoy it. I see nothing wrong with using sex in whatever capacity the woman deems fit. Its their body, let them use it how they want.

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  5. Interesting post. I have just started a blog of my own. Soon enough I’m going to write about this topic also. I was the same as you thought “how could she do that”. Escorting is such an interesting topic, most Escorts in Australia live such glamorous life’s. A lot of girls here have been using seeking arrangement, which i have heard many interesting storeys about.


  6. I won’t but into any notion that escorting is different than sex work in any way. Sex workers need to join forces and focus on the similarities not the differences during this dangerous moral climate where sex workers working together are being charged for working. That is all. ❤


  7. Escort service can be really interesting when you’ve visited a renowned escort agency that can provide you with the services of hot Blondes, Brunettes and Asians who provide an array of companionship services that are certainly not degrading as you call them.


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