Ugh, Love

Things are not going so well on the love front and may I just say that I hate Valentine’s Day and I hate this stupid bloody couple who are in love and beautiful and kissing on the sidewalk in front of me.

Hate them.

And the day.

And the approach to it.

And every single red heart and bunch of flowers and ridiculously overpriced chocolates and all the bullshit advertising, stupid balloons, romance and love that is sold to us as being magnificent but really isn’t.


I’m going to book a trip to Bali.

And find love there.


Who cares.

23 thoughts on “Ugh, Love

  1. I’m actually big on Valentine’s Day and making cards for everyone I know (and even everyone I don’t) and their mother BUT having said that if I had the chance to go to Bali I wouldn’t care if it was Christmas, I’d be on that plane so fast! I hope it’s AMAZING.

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  2. Love this post! I can’t write something like this because I would be a a terrible husband if I did (my wife’s opinion, not mine. Most people know I’ve been brainwashed into being an obedient husband….). Anyway, have a safe trip to Bali in your bikini!!

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  3. “Romance…not Love”

    Valentines Day is focused on one aspect of the entire proposition, and skews the reality of what a full cycle of a relationship requires. I suppose it’s commercially more profitable to center around romance verses “I had a shitty day and was a dick to my lover day”😳

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  4. I was just telling someone yesterday that I’m developing a severe ocular condition from all the involuntary eye rolling happening at the explosive uptick in schmaltzy jewelry commercials in the past few weeks. Bali sounds like a great option to recover my eyes!

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