Violet, the Witch

‘You wanna tell me what’s going on?’ I asked.‘ I can tell you’re cross with me and I have no idea why.’

‘You don’t listen, Violet.’

‘I don’t? I thought I was a great listener. I’m so sorry. When…’

‘See, you don’t hear, you don’t listen, you don’t…’


Maybe I shouldn’t have interrupted or got defensive. But blow me down with a feather and fuck me with a fish fork if you think I don’t hear.

Or if you think I am defensive.

I do not have a crystal ball.

I am not a soothsayer.

And I am not a witch, even though you may think I am.

This is the thing.

If you don’t talk I cannot hear.

And if I am a terrible friend and I don’t hear, then talk to me. At the time say ‘hey, I’m trying to tell you something, I’m serious, you’re not hearing me…’

And I will listen. And I will take you seriously. And I will be apologetic for not hearing in the first place.

But don’t stop talking to me. Don’t punish me.

Don’t become cold or distant or cunt like.

It comes down to the clairvoyant thing.

If there is an issue, let me know.

Because otherwise I have no fucking clue what is going on.

And now I am pissed off.

Difficult guy.

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