I’ve never understood The Fear of Missing Out. I have the exact opposite. I’m always delighted when I am not invited places, when I don’t have to hang around at parties for hours or make small talk to strangers at dinner parties. I never mind being excluded.

But these Women’s Marches. I have serious FOMO.


First, I find marching irresistible. I once found myself marching with the ANC and it was terrible and I knew it was a mistake but the vibe was so infectious that I just kinda got caught up in it.

The ANC by the way used to be an excellent political organisation. Today they’ve lost the plot completely, plus they have a president who is a thief, a liar and a misogynist.

Sound familiar? Exactly.

These American and worldwide Women’s Marches. Man! They are, I think, life changing. They’re a moment in history; the start of everything changing.

A moment, many moments, that make me feel everything is going to be okay.

The camaraderie, astonishing support and coming together of all the kind, decent, compassionate, democratic, creative wonderful people of whom there are literally millions, is overwhelmingly positive.

Not one violent incident with millions marching worldwide.

There are good people in this world. They’re not giving in. Or up. And it seems they, we, are all coming together to change things.

And I had real FOMO. I wish I could’ve joined in. I wish there’d been a march here in Johannesburg. I wish I could’ve braved the heat, or the cold, painted a sign with love and flowers and vaginas and peace signs and joined in.

I’m jealous.

But I’m also so damn thankful.

These women have started something huge. And apart from the pussy hats which I’m not mad about, it is time to reclaim our pussies, fight for equality, fight for peace, punch Nazis in the nose, and say no to anyone who is racist, sexist, xenophobic, misogynistic or just a cunt.

Thanks women. Thanks men. Thanks babies and dogs and bears that marched.

Now let’s get it together in South Africa. And change everything that needs changing too.

Pic – NY Magazine.

11 thoughts on “FOMO

  1. I have fomo all the time so this is nothing new for me. But I agree. I am kicking myself for not planning our own damn march here in Jozi. We totally could have done it! Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait for the next asshole make world leader to be elected. I’m sure it won’t be long.

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  2. We all can’t march, but we all can hold our leaders’ feet to the fire when they lie and participate in corruption. I, as an American, take heart that there were 327 marches in cities and towns across the land. That there were marches on the same theme all over the rest of the world further gives me hope. As one speaker noted, women’s rights matters are human rights matters, and we all have a reason to be concerned when these rights are denied anyone. Period! We are adjusting to an administration that deals with petty matters with big lies within 24 hours of being sworn it. I am encouraged that the media are considering what they have to do to report the doings of liars at the top, up to and incljufding considering not reporting in real time what the liars say. It is a an interesting and dangerous time.

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      1. I live in the US prairie state of Nebraska, a state that thinks Trump is an answer. Carved in stone above the main entrance of the Nebraska State Capitol building are these words: “The salvation of the state is watchfulness in the citizen.” Yes, we need to have our eyes open and challenge all words and actions that are contrary to decency, the law, and good judgement. It will be a full time job here in America!

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  3. My sister and my friends are in DC! My sister has been texting me and telling me all about it – it has been absolutely a dream! The cops had smiles on their faces. Can you imagine?? She said there was a group of six protesters that were surrounded by cops who had an alternative agenda – protesting the protesters – but that was it. They didn’t get far. And where I live, which is about a mile and a half from the state capitol of Minnesota, there were about 100,000 marchers, so I heard drums all day, and it was fantastic. While my sister was in DC, her husband took their young sons to the march in support. Now I’m getting ready to chat with friends in the UK (one from Cape Town!) who are asking me to send a few pussy hats so they can participate in a few things there. 🙂 This movement is moving along nicely, even if we are stuck with the dumbass Great Pumpkin who is going to kill us all.

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      1. I would love to see an impeachment!!! I don’t think we will just because our court justices are conservatives and there’s a spot open which will likely get another conservative and tip in The Great Pumpkin’s favor, but I’d love to see him fry.

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