It’s over

The thing about holidays is that you get into long lazy mornings, longer lazy afternoons, every day feels like Sunday, the bed gets warmer, the couch gets cozier, the sex gets better, everything becomes quiet, languid, slow, no structure, no order, just a delicious sense of dreamy, dazy, dozy.

And then suddenly it’s over and back to normal and you go for a walk and the coffee shops are open and so is your favorite dress shop and the deli, the deli is open and oh god fabulous you can buy freshly made bread and cheese and pesto and coffee, coffee, a coffee to go please, you realize how much you missed all these things and you never want to lie on the couch again because structure, routine, meaning, people, affirmation, THEY KNOW YOUR NAME, you breathe a sigh of relief, not even quietly, you yell to the shopkeepers THANK GOD YOU’RE OPEN, add a croissant, two even, you wander home, in the traffic, saying hi to the hobos, the homeless, the broom sellers, the recyclers, your neighbors and your friends.

Saying hi to life.

And your third cuppa coffee.


And thank goodness.

10 thoughts on “It’s over

  1. I think I’m finally (possibly) over the holiday hangover. I love those semi-lazy days. One of my coworkers mentioned they stayed in pajamas the whole time and I was like.. No, I got dressed because I feel more productive wearing jeans than I do fuzzy pajama pants. And I did. I feel like I got a lot done around the house, which means more time for other things now that work is up and running full-steam ahead.

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