My year in review.

2016 was the year that so many of our idols died, the world fell a little bit to pieces, the weather went wild, and I ripped a giant hole in my favorite pair of jeans. I put on a few kilos, had a couple of disastrous dates, locked myself out the house twice, had my car stolen and had three sessions at the dentist that nearly killed me.

I’ve had a good friend dealing with cancer and it’s been hard watching her navigate her way around the disease, feeling pretty helpless in the process. And I’ve had two best friends leave the city and I’m very bad at goodbyes. I hate that they’ve gone and I miss them a lot.

But I’ve also made new friends, reconnected with old ones, spent a huge amount of time lazing on the couch, reading books and listening to music.

Many good things have happened this year:-

Weekly lunches with my dad.
A trip to India.
Long solitary dog walks.
Morning sex.
And afternoon and evening and night sex.
New jeans.
A gym membership although that is not really a good thing and in fact I hate the fucking gym and actually it was a giant mistake.
My vegetable garden.
Long lunches with girlfriends.
And coffees and cake and evening drinks.
The sound of the Imam.
Neighborhood strolls where I say hi to every person that I meet.
And to every puppy.

There’ve been good books, great music, cocktails especially Negronis, frocks from the vintage store, freshly baked bread and croissants and gingerbread biscuits with the sweetest most delicious icing.

It’s been good.

I also did stuff this year (last year now) that I often don’t do, including working at friendships that have suffered, trying to fix rifts within family and saying goodbye to anything toxic.

I think I finally managed to define the relationship with the difficult guy and by that I think I learned that I don’t need to define it in any way, it works for me, it works for him, there are times that are tricky but mostly I love what we have and yeah it’s odd and hard but also lovely and fantastic and exciting and I choose to focus on that.

These days I consciously switch off the news when it all becomes a bit much, pour myself a glass of wine and appreciate the sky, clouds and beautiful sunsets.

I focus on the good.

So. Happy New Year and Viva 2017 Viva. Bring it on. I’m going to get off the couch, call my difficult friend, and all my other friends and tell them I love them.

Then I’m going to listen for the call of the Imam.

And pray that I lose these two extra bloody kilograms.

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