On being a storyteller

I interrupted our coffee date, stood and hugged the kid walking past.

‘Have a great holiday,’ I said. ‘See you when you’re back…’

‘Who is that?’

‘Oh, just a kid, I helped him lose his virginity a while back, no biggie.

My friend’s eyes got bigger and bigger. The kid was about eighteen.

‘Wow, lucky kid,’ he said.

‘Yeah, really,’ I agreed.

Then giggled.

Because the more I write the  more I take pleasure in telling fantastical stories that are just a bunch of  lies but make for interesting tales.

Like now.

I’m leaving town, got dumped by Ryan Gosling, trying to deal with my heartbreak.

Packing my snow boots, ready to climb Everest.

Solo boat trip around the world, dammit where’s my compass.

Heading to a Buddhist retreat in Uzbekistan.

Joining a nunnery.

Or maybe packing my bag, wearing a gorgeous frock, no underwear and eloping with the difficult guy.


See ya in 2017.


12 thoughts on “On being a storyteller

  1. OMG, don’t forget your oxygen, they don’t have any on the moon (so I hear, never been there, although there was one time when I went through the Stargate and ended up on… but that’s a whole other story and I wouldn’t want to bore you with it).

    Have fun stopping that global conspiracy! See you in 2017!

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  2. Hi I already follow your fab blog, so thought I would share that I am super excited as I am officially in the running for the UK BLOG AWARDS 2017! If you could click the link and choose FoodandDrink&Lifestyle on the drop down menu:
    Thank you kindly in advance your vote is much appreciated
    Melanie xx


  3. So when you meet someone do you give out pre-printed warning cards like “Expect the unexpected?”
    In an era replete with social warnings so as to avoid micro aggressions, you may have to come (no pun here) with a warning label.


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