Manners have come up a lot lately in conversation.

A friend of mine told me that even in her darkest days hanging out in crackhouses she always used to say please and thank you when getting her hit.

‘I’ll have three rocks, thank you so much….’

Maybe her good manners kept her alive.

And I try hard and say please, and thank you, when I want something in the bedroom.

Yes. That’s good. Like that, do it that way. Please, uh huh, gosh yes, yes…’

‘Like that, Violet, is that what you like?’

‘Yes, perfect. Thank you.’

Maybe that’s what has kept me in orgasms. Good manners.

I do like traditional good manners.

But sometimes manners take a different form. Like you can in the bedroom say yes yes jesus fuck more now fuckyou god damn yes fuck yes jesus yes.

Men probably like that as much as a thank you.

Probably more, actually.

But I am traditional.

I’ll have another coffee, thank you.

Another whisky? Sure. Thank you so much.

One more slice of cake, why not, thank you.

It’s okay to be greedy.

As long as you always says thanks.


8 thoughts on “Manners

  1. I am terribly polite. I always say please and thank you. I sympathise with your friend. If I ever went to a crackhouse (which I haven’t) then I would definitely say please and thank you. It’s just good manners.

    And hey, if it’s being offered then it’s just good manners to accept. Just say thank you before you shove the cake in your mouth, otherwise you’ll get crumbs everywhere.

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