So there is this thing of hatred, prejudice, racism, bigotry, misogyny, sexism and xenophobia.

We cannot let it win.

Drink all the wine.
Eat all the food.
Have all the sex.
Be all the kindness.

Keep fighting for everything that is right.

And go for hope and humanity.


19 thoughts on “humanity

  1. And it just won in America the Great! And my husband seems pleased. And so is a work colleague (a female!)

    C’est la vie!

    The truth is the world is controlled by a handful and all leaders are merely puppets. We believe what we believe because it makes life bearable. That’s just my theory.

    But think about it. We can think utopia. We can think idealism. We can even try to be like Hillary and be proclaimed incrementalists. We believe it helps and so it helps…

    Then again, I seem to be falling into the abyss of my depression relapse so…

    What about you, Violet, what do you really think? Forget PC and all that, what does Violet think about the world? πŸ™‚ Apart from what you’ve already said here..

    By the way, you are fantastic! In case I didn’t tell you – I started following you after watching the Violet Online play in Sandton. It was funny. Not like politics.

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    1. I think it is a fucking disaster in America.
      I think it must be frightening right there now, to be Muslim, to be black, to be gay, to be different.
      I think Trump is evil. And anyone who voted for him is an idiot.
      And I think we have to be very fucking careful in South Africa, worldwide actually,
      I would love for things to be equal and peaceful and kind and I know they are not and I wear rose coloured glasses all the time, but goddamit, we gotta keep fighting for the peace. And standing up for what we believe in.
      And hey, THANKS!
      Thank you.
      Depressing bloody day.

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      1. Ah, it feels better to not feel scared on my own. Tears can fall and I’ll say it’s because Trump won.. Sigh! I have a daughter there waiting for her citizenship and she’s only 1/4 American, 3/4 Asian — so ja! Maybe 4 years will pass quickly and there won’t be permanent damage.

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  2. Just perfect for today. When the whole world is depressed! Harriet Perlman email: Cell: +27 83 6568900 Fax: +27 11 6460872 Skype: perlman.private

    From: violetonlineisonline <> Reply-To: violetonlineisonline <> Date: Wednesday 09 November 2016 10:04 AM To: Harriet <> Subject: [New post] humanity

    violetonlineisonline posted: “So there is this thing of hatred, prejudice, racism, bigotry, misogyny, sexism and xenophobia. We cannot let it win. Teach. Talk. Love Drink all the wine. Eat all the food. Have all the sex. Be all the kindness. Keep fighting for everything that is rig”

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    1. it’s quite difficult to know how to interpret your comment allowed here. Dunno – newshound baring teeth or arms? the States must have gone crazy! holy f-ing shit woe-Man?! Whoa!!! So another American Civil War in the making and our global news headlines set to flood with ‘rebel fighter’ USFreeArmy derisions or it is just our FEAR that leads us to such bogus assumptions and misinterpretations when we hear d’Trump?


  3. I just heard on the local (UK) radio. I’ve been dreading this result and avoiding all campaign news for weeks (and all news other than direct via limited blogging and email). Unbelievable! it must be scary as hell to be any kind of US(based) citizen of any flesh-tone, other than perhaps the self-declaring righteous i normally associate with corrupted-evangelist-type belief systems. D’trump comes across alike one of those pushy fathead TV ministers who have lost any sense of ‘the way’ (not knocking any human-centred faith-based ideology). you are most definitely not alone and the global stream of conscious must be weeping as might so many upon learning this – may peace and goodwill to all humankind reign as gently as the teardrop from the tree of life – that’s how I interpreted your photo. Prayers might be made in any humanist way of faith and all natural and reasonable prayer should be valid and acceptable in our whole wide world environments. Let the hope for world peace, mutual tolerance and understanding stay strong. My thoughts are with the oppressed and marginalised of all denominations and demographic ‘determinants’ in our polluted world. With best wishes to you (and all).

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      1. I’ve been weepy too today, realising the way our world has turned. But I am still a bit hopeful that MAYBE this is a turning point, maybe communities come together, maybe we learn that kindness counts, maybe we start to look out for one another more. I dunno. Peace. Love. Strength.

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  4. I am scared shitless. And disgusted in my “fellow Americans”. At least I can take a little pride in the fact that MY state voted for the lesser of two evils. Fat lot of good that does…

    …and smoke all the weed (at least three more states legalized recreational marijuana. We’re gonna need it!!!)

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