I never do upgrades on my phone but last night something flashed and said iOS 10 upgrade upgrade so I pushed the button, left it do its thing and went to sleep.

I had a good night, woke feeling groovy and refreshed, made coffee, switched my phone on and suddenly it wanted two passwords and a verification code and then just blocked me full time.

What the fuck.

I couldn’t get on or in and maybe I’ve been hacked or maybe I’ve just messed it all up but of course I am flying to Cape Town in like one hour so you know…

These are my last few minutes online.

My last few minutes online!

Then I’m closing my computer and dear sweet goddesses I will be out of touch for a couple of days.

It’s like a no choice thing.

I am going to be forced to talk to real people, walk on the beach, swim in the ocean, not photograph anything or anyone, drink at least 300 cocktails, climb one mountain and deal with my phone when I get back.

I am pissed that I pushed the stupid upgrade button.  Apparently everyone knows not to do it.

But you know, I did it.

And maybe in a way, this is going to be an upgrade.

Not for my phone, but for me.

Total time out.

Total chill.

See you in a few days. Hope I make it.


5 thoughts on “Upgrade

  1. Have a great time, hope being “unplugged” doesn’t distract you too much!! 😉
    The same thing happened to my computer when I upgraded to windows 10 😦 I’m still working out the kinks 6 months later!


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