‘Tell me your fantasies Violet?’

I thought for a while. I thought about a fantasy I used to have when I was younger. Being kidnapped, held for ransom, falling semi in love with my hostage taker, a dramatic rescue by a dark and handsome stranger, riding off on horseback, clothes shredded, dishevelled, a mess but oh god he saved me and kissed me and I looked so skinny and sexy on that horse.

Don’t judge me, it was a fantasy.

Those are the kind of things that women fantasise about. Having wild sex with a stranger, being dominated, ravaged, men on horseback, horses…

So when he asked me, it was easy

‘Okay,’ I said.  ‘I have this amazing fantasy, this dream, this…’

I hesitated.

Because I didn’t see ransom notes or horses riding off into the sunset. I didn’t see a muscular man with long hair and a perfect six pack.

I saw me, wearing an oversized sweater in a cosy cabin on the beach, a roaring fire, dogs at my feet, a typewriter, tons of paper, red wine, cigarettes and someone, old and lovely, delivering my food.

The only part of this dream that will never happen is the cigarette bit.

I hate smoking.

The rest…

Ah, I’m just going to carry on fantasising…


6 thoughts on “Fantasies

  1. I love the cabin. The isolation with someone you cherish. Nature surrounding you. Perfect. Although that is a fantasy, an ideal situation you’d like to end up. I think of that different than a sexual fantasy. But I guess he should have been more specific 🙂


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