I’m a little bit worried because I have the new Tango Mini Vibrator and I’m supposed to review it but I can’t find it anywhere.

I mean I have already used it, once or twice or maybe thirty times, but I am a perfectionist and I wanted to complete my research and I’m home alone and it feels like an excellent night to work.

But where is it, dammit.

I’ve looked everywhere.

It’s not in my bedside drawer although I have found other lovely goodies and ooh look it’s the purple toy, no Violet stop, now, find the mini pink one, this is work, dammit,  take it seriously, this is paid work.

It’s not in my handbag and I’m not quite sure why it would be anyway, I don’t exactly go shopping with it.

It’s not at my difficult friend’s house because I haven’t taken it there yet even though he has asked me a few times but he is so difficult dammit, and oh god what if my cleaning lady found it or I left it in the car or my kids, or…


That is the problem with the We-Vibe Tango mini vibrator.

It’s quite small which means it is quite easy to lose.

I am going to have to give it a bad review.

I mean I loved it in the bedroom and I loved it on my grey couch and I used it in the bath with warm water and bubbles and it was pretty good and I added more hot water and used it again and over and over and one more time and oh good god goddesses that’s where it is, in the bathroom, still on the edge of the bath, jesus, okay, phew, got it, let me continue the review, it’s waterproof, it’s fantastic, you should all buy one immediately.

Just remember, always put it away.


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