The thing about age

I am thinking about sex
at least
writing about sex
while an older woman is looking at me chatting to me bringing me tea and cupcakes
I am laughing

and now so is she
because she has read my blog

my gosh

and fabulous

there is no shock
there is no horror

instead we are now both talking
about sex.

Apparently, it gets better as you get older.



16 thoughts on “The thing about age

  1. Isn’t that funny – we didn’t know that sex could be had in our 50s and sex could be enjoyable at that age because women are not valued after 40. We struggle to name actresses above that age, and the roles they are offered in movies and TV shows are matronly and one-dimensional, nothing to get excited about. Men in their 50s are still paired with women in their 20s or 30s.

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    1. it is much fucking harder for women in every single way. they are often not seen, except – I believe we need to make ourselves seen, heard, refuse to disappear into the background, also – i just read a fab Guardian article about sex being even better in our SIXTIES, so whoohoooo and a big finger to the men…

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