Dear Violet

Dear god Violet, I was so scared I was never going to get it up again.

Man, Violet, it was shattering, happened once, then again, I thought my life as I knew it was over.

Jesus Christ Violet, do you know what it is like? You’re all ready for action, like a stallion, she’s sexy, waiting for you, panting a little, lying back, waiting, waiting, patiently, moaning, panting, waiting, looking at you, panting, waiting, rolling her eyes, pursing her lips, maybe waiting not so patiently anymore.

It must be hard for men when they cannot get hard.

Men have to perform all the time.

We women can lie back and even if we’re not in the mood, we can well, just get on with it.

We can lie back, maybe get into it.
Lie back, read a magazine.
Lie back, close our eyes, imagine our new summer wardrobe.
Lie back, pretend we’re with someone else.
Plan dinner, watch TV in the background,  write that new chapter in our head.

But men cannot do any of that.

They have to perform.

It must be stressful, especially when you get to that age when you’re a little less energetic, maybe a little overweight, struggling with stress and not so healthy.

Performance becomes an issue. And when you have an issue once, you’re gonna worry about it each time.

I reassured all these men of a certain age, just slightly older men,  just a little wrinkled and a little old, that it was okay. Women don’t mind when men can’t get it up, they understand, they don’t even mind helping occasionally.

I’ve been in the situation, just once or twice you know, and really, it can be quite satisfying, leaning in, leaning down, licking a little, using my hands, my mouth, my skin, taking him in my mouth, feeling him get hard, harder, oh god, very very hard, fucking him…

But then I thought you know fuckit.

Women have it hard too.

We have to pee sitting down.
We get periods.
We earn half salaries.
We’re the ones who have to take birth control.
Our tits get in the way for golf.
And we have to wear bras.


Sorry guys from last night.

I’m glad you felt free enough to tell me your woes.

But on a scale of one to ten, my sympathy levels pretty much lie at zero.


11 thoughts on “Dear Violet

  1. I do have sympathy, it must be embarrassing. We understand, we sympathise, and we don’t mind. But actually yes, there are some major things that women have to deal with that men will never understand.

    However, for the record, I don’t want to play golf. Just putting that out there.

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