How to plan a murder

So the guy that I quite like told me he’s kinda busy for a while and I said no problem see you in 2018, and he said okay.



How shall I murder him?

Cut off his head.
Strangle him with stockings.
Poison the almonds.
Handcuff him to the bed.
Slap him with suspenders.
Stab him with stilettos.
Kiss him in public.
Steal food off his place.
Call him babe.
Fuck him to death.


I could just propose.

Hey babe, wanna get married.



10 thoughts on “How to plan a murder

  1. When I go, I want it to be while being strangled with stockings.

    At the age of 197, preferably.

    As for your gentleman, I think he should die through nipple pinching.

    P.S. wow, that picture. I want it framed on my wall.

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