I’m sitting on my bed surrounded by gifts and it’s all a terrible mess. I realise that there are skills involved to gift wrapping and I don’t know what they are.

Maybe I’m lazy. It takes patience to cut and fold, line everything up then still manage to snip off a piece of sellotape and stick it on the right spot.

The thing is, I do l love giving presents. I love the thought that goes into them, the time taken to choose them and the pleasure of surprise.

So although I’m bad at it, I always gift wrap. I use layers of tissue paper, gift paper, then ribbons and glitter and glitz and ja, it’s a big mess.

I love it when people really take their time and open gifts slowly. I do that. I think it shows a kind of appreciation for the gift, no matter how small. I like to slowly unwrap it, feeling, feeling as I go along.

Each tear of the paper reveals something special and hidden, each layer means a little bit more love.

I remember giving a present once to someone whose husband needed a kidney transplant and she shook the box so hard and tore it open so maniacally that I think she thought I had given her a kidney.

It was one of those terrible letdown presents, I’d given her chocolates.

But now I’m wrapping presents. It’s my sons birthday. He’s still fast asleep. But I know he’s going to wake up soon.

Unlike me he’s going to RIP the presents to shreds. Paper is going to fly, glitter will be snorted at, bows may be ridiculed.

He may well roll his eyes at some of the gifts and I’m not quite sure he’ll appreciate the fried egg socks.

But he will read the hand made and hand written card very carefully.

For him, it’s in the words.

And yeah, forget the wrapping.

For me it’s all about the words too.


20 thoughts on “Giving

  1. I also am terrible at wrapping presents. Usually I take the easy way out and drop it in a gift bag. Which I then ask to have back, because, well, I’m poor. And the Earth, yo.

    But I do love opening them. I savour every moment. It’s not about the gift, it’s about the thought, the fact that somebody likes you – loves you – enough to want you to have something that they could have kept for themselves.

    In a world of materialism and consumerism, I think that’s too often forgotten.

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  2. Happy Birthday to your son! 🙂
    And yep, we all open our pressies differently, reflecting our very different personalities, but I like that your son will take time to fully read your words 🙂


  3. Happy Birthday to your son! I love the fact that you still wrap. Maybe I will make that a goal for 2017. To give gifts wrapped up instead of a gift bag. It is still very pretty and let’s people know that you took the time to wrap their gift.

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