Dulce de Leche

‘What are you doing tonight, Violet?’

‘Do you want exact details?’ I asked him.

‘Yip, I do.’

‘Okay. Um, I’m about to run a bath, add bubbles, light a few candles, put on Norah Jones, laze back, soak for maybe an hour. ‘


‘Then I’m gonna get out, brush my hair, rub oil all over my body, admire my reflection in the mirror, breathe in and out…’

‘Oh, this is getting sexy, what then?’

‘Then I’m going to put on my new gorgeous lingerie, get the tub of Dulce de Leche out the freezer…’

‘Ice cream, oh god, what are you going to do with it…’

‘What do you think I’m going to do with it. I’m going to eat the fucking ice cream, finish the tub, switch on the television, watch the rest of Stranger Things, probably start on the chocolate…’

He disappeared.

‘Hey you,’ I typed. ‘Where’ve you gone, I was just starting to have fun…’

He took an hour to reply.

‘Sorry Vi, went to buy myself some ice cream too, you made it sound too good.’


We’re such pigs.


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