You know those people who moan and groan about people taking selfies and call them ‘vain and narcassists and who do they think they are’ etc etc, blah blah boring.

Well. I’m here to confess.

I take a selfie every day.

Sometimes I take more than one.

To my credit, I don’t specially put on make up, I always have clothes on and I don’t pose. I also don’t use a selfie stick and afterwards I don’t use a filter.

But still. I tilt my head one way and then another. I try one with a smile and one looking stern. I snap at different angles and in different lights.

I sometimes try get my cleavage in.

I do get a bit embarrassed when people see me taking them, but not that much. Or not as much as I used to.

And I smile every time I see someone else taking a selfie. Especially young girls and women.

Because I think it is bloody marvellous that we women have learned to love ourselves. And that young girls are celebrating themselves and the way they look. I love that we are all enjoying our own reflections and saying, ‘Hey, we’re okay, we’re cool, we’re even quite pretty.’

My friends may hate my selfie phase. Every day I send them pics on whatsapp, then sit back and wait for the barrage of rude comments.

But I never get them. I get the ‘oh mans, and the cutes, and the oh oh that is too adorable…’

Because I do them with my dog. And he’s a junkie. A selfie junkie. Seriously. He poses. We’re in this selfie phase together and we’re loving it.

He was a rescue and has grown so confident over the last year.

As have I.

It’s art.

It’s self esteem stuff.

We’ve learned to love ourselves.  Just the way we are.


28 thoughts on “Selfies

  1. Ah, I like your kind of selfie 😛 and you might have a point.. provided no naked selfies and not too made up that the picture looks sooooo different from reality. And yes, show us some selfies 😜

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    1. i thought about it quite hard, the selfies where you use different apps to beautify etc, even the naked selfies, and decided they too are okay. it’s about women being seen, really seen, and being proud of who they are.
      as long as they don’t send them to the wrong people, and are discreet, and so many rules, let’s just take selfies and feel cool about them!

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      1. haha, my kids actually love it. I got it almost 2 years ago, as soon as they came out. People gave me the looks, like if I was a wierdo, but you get used to it!


  2. Violet,

    I like the mysterious you. I’m wondering why no selfie stick? I can’t get into doing selfies unless others are in the shot. I’m starting to see the “loving yourself” angle…I imagine it can be pretty powerful.

    Thanks for the great perspective and interesting reads. 🙂



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