A date

I have a liaison coming up, I cannot wait and I want to make sure everything is just perfect. I’ve swept the house, washed the curtains, scrubbed the kitchen table and now I’m polishing the bed posts.

I’ve checked the drawers and my handcuffs are there. Good, I was worried I’d lost them.

I think I’m going to buy two silk scarves as well.

He told me they must be silk.

My vibrator is fully charged.

He loves to sit on the chair and watch me use it.

I love him watching.

He suggested I buy another toy as well, a clit stimulator.  He really likes that.  So do I.

Oh my god, I am nervous!

I have a shopping list. It’s tucked in my jeans pocket and I’m heading to the shops now.

Silk knickers
Silk scarves
One cigar, Rocky Road Ice Cream
Crave Vesper
Lube, because maybe, just maybe, my ass will get involved.
Chocolate bon bons, chocolaté truffles, chocolate.

It’s the best kind of shopping list.  I always get a bit shy buying the lube, but hey, I’m a big girl now.  Then I’m going to come home, have a bubble bath, splash on a bit of perfume, get dressed and wait for him to call.

To text.

It’s an online date.

A cyber date. A cyber sext text fuck me now date.



N.B. The Crave Vesper is a new clitoral stimulator.

I shall review it.  Soon.

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