You will find love

When I eat Chinese food I always get a fortune cookie or two at the end. It’s not for the taste, even though I have a sweet tooth, it’s for the fortune.

Something you lost will turn up today.
You are fearless in the face of danger.
Today is the day you fall in love.

I also once got ‘you just ate the cat’ but I ignored that one.

It’s the same reason I’ve signed up for the Susan Miller horoscopes. I love them. I think they’re bullshit but I love the bullshit. They make me think ‘hmmm, this might just happen.’

Today mine told me ‘August will be a peach of a month, sweet and juicy’.

I love that.

And the truth is that August has started off badly but now I KNOW it’s going to be okay.

My horoscope said so.

I believe in Susan Miller.

She also said that I need to supply the energy and have a cheerful attitude and fuck that, if my month is going to be juicy Susan Miller, can it not just be juicy without me having to work too hard.



I’m eating a peach.

The juice is dripping down my chin.

It’s messy.

Sweet, juicy and messy.

Exactly how August always is.


Cancer Forecast for August 2016

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