A girl and a yoga mat

Dear sweet god I have such a sore back from sitting upright at my desk, legs crossed and tucked underneath me, fingers poised on the keyboard.


I am working. Very fucking hard.

It’s killing me, I’m stiff, I’m sore, my whole body is aching and I gotta take a break.

I could go for a dog walk. But it’s cold and windy outside.

I could maybe go to the gym. But yeah, still cold and windy.

Or I could do a few exercises right here.

Stand up and raise my arms about my head and stretch, do a couple of waist exercises, a few neck rolls, stretch my head from side to side, take out my yoga mat, sun salutations, ooh nice, downward dog, tree pose,  straight into cobra and god I love this pose and oh sleepy and on my back and holding my legs up to my chest and stretching out and such a good break and oh my hand just found its way into my underwear and this is really good and so relaxing and yes little circles and getting a little wet and a little wetter and fuck yes, god yes, jesus yes.

That is what I want to do.


I just did.

I just took that break.


And now I can get back to work.



23 thoughts on “A girl and a yoga mat

  1. Sometimes taking a break and getting back to work feeling lighter is much more productive than trying to push and keep on working when it starts to become overwhelming. Yoga, stretching, meditation in that case is the best way to get a refresh 🙂

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