I’m a little bit mad

This morning I lay in bed, sipped my coffee and scrolled through Facebook.

There was an aunty asking me how I was. Publicly, as aunties do.

I smile at those things.

Pretty good thanks Auntie B, appreciate you asking.

There was a good friend sending me a puppy pic, as good friends do.

I smile at those things too.

Ugh that is too cute man, thanks darling.

And an idiot that I went on a disastrous date with just once, posting a pic of us, on Facebook, public forum, for everyone to see, one year, ONE YEAR after the date.

I do not smile at those things.

‘Why the fuck would you put that picture up, you idiot.  Seriously, why?’

What I remember about that night was it was so awful that I’d walked out after like an hour. Before that someone had been taking pics. I remember pretending to smile and look happy for the camera. I wasn’t happy, it was a fuck awful date, probably the worst I’ve ever had.

My blood boiled.  I didn’t wait for him to reply, I just deleted the pic.

But I was really cross.

I’m still cross.

And in fact it was a really good pic of me, the lighting was fab and my eyes were shining and I loved my hair like that and think I’m gonna grow it back to that length, but – I just didn’t want any reminders of that awful evening.  Or of him.

Am I overreacting, as I am known to do?


But I don’t care. Don’t put pics of me up on social media when I barely know you and jesus christ it was just horrible and he was drunk and disgusting and everyone at the party was awful and I was the only well dressed one and they all wore hand knitted jerseys with reindeers on them and crocs, god crocs, and I just want to erase that night out of my mind forever.

Yeah. No.

I’m not overreacting at all.



17 thoughts on “I’m a little bit mad

  1. Give the man a break. You are probably the most exciting and beautiful woman he has been with in 20 years. Your picture is what he masterbates to every night!!!


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