Back up

You know when your Macbook suddenly goes dead and your entire body shivers and feels cold then boiling then cold again and you panic and wonder why you’ve never done a back up and you switch on and off and on and off and and breathe deeply and have a glass of wine and then a packet of potato chips and then a slab of chocolate and then a whole apple pie and you furiously try one more time and it’s still dead so you take a valium and go to sleep and pray that in the morning it’ll switch on and be okay and just a bad dream and you pray to the goddesses and do a Shalom, Shanti, Salaam, and peace to everyone and everything and have really bad dreams and some panic and nightmares and oh god please help help help…

Yeah, you know that.

And then you wake up feeling a bit fucked and switch it on and oh MY GOSH IT’S WORKING!

Dear sweet goddessess.

Do your back up.

Insure your computer.

Keep notes of your passwords somewhere.

And always delete your inbox messages and history.


You never know what’s gonna happen.


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