Scarlet Steel

What experience do you have writing about sex, Ms Violet?

A fair amount, Ms Scarlet. I write about dating and love and sometimes sex and hang on, I just gotta ask you something – is your name really Scarlet?

Does it matter? Of course not. Scarlet is my porn name. Scarlet Steel.

Oh. Oh. You’re a porn star?

Yes darling I’m a porn star. I felt that was kind of obvious from my profile. And my brief. I presume you read the brief? I’m looking for someone to write my story.

I probably should’ve read the brief before applying for this particular writing job. Scarlet. She was lap-dancing in her pic. Wearing a g-string, smoking a cigar, really fabulous tits.

Really fabulous tits.

Are they real, I asked.

Violet, quit messing around. I need to know if you can write my story.

Yes, but – god, I’m fascinated.  They’re perfect, I want mine done like that. Also, can you really do that with a cigar? How. How? I want to learn all this stuff.

She was silent for a while, then asked me to send her some of my writing.

I quickly went through my most recent stories. Politics. Diet Pills. Lunch boxes for gods sake. Very little on sex. In fact, no sex, I have not been having sex, I have not been writing about sex.

I’ve lost sight of my brand.

What the hell. I sent her the lunch box story.

Scarlet, I typed. This may not be exactly what you’re looking for. But, I’m curious. I really would love to know your story. Maybe write it for you.

I seemed to pique her curiosity too. We chatted a whole lot more. We exchanged contacts.

I may not write her book. But we’ve become friends. Kind of. She’s going to tell me about her tits. And her life.

I’m going to tell her about mine.

Maybe I’ll get the job. Maybe we’ll just become long distance friends.

Either way, I’m not unhappy.


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