A kind of love letter

My difficult friend has gone to Europe for a couple of weeks. We didn’t say goodbye. He is unsentimental that way.

‘See you in three months time, Violet. I’ll miss you.’

‘Call me just once during your trip. Please.’

‘I will,’ he replied. ‘When I get to Italy.’

And he will, I know. He is a man of his word.

Also, very unneedy.

As I pretend to be.

Before he left though I had this weird feeling. I texted him to say ‘eat your vegetables, drink good wine, read great books, don’t have sex with strangers and have lots of fun.’

But I also added – ‘Be Careful.

I never say things like that. But I had this premonition.

And it isn’t really a premonition. Stuff has been going down in Europe for a while now. Everything is fragile. Anything could happen.  And it’s unlikely that anything will and I know that, but still.

I feel uneasy.

So I hope he’s reading this.

And if he is – hey, difficult guy.

Make your one phone call tomorrow.

I worry.  A little.

Man holding a note that reads 'call me'

16 thoughts on “A kind of love letter

  1. It does seem scary, but remember how many people travel every day safely. I had one of mine go to Paris last spring just after an incident there and I did debate about keeping him home. Another is due to go to Germany later this year, I worry, a lot. But what can I do? Every minute could be our last – even sitting at home playing backgammon 😀


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