Yesterday in conversation, the word silence came up many times.

The media were talking about Melania Trump’s aggressive silence.
At a work interview I experience an uncomfortable silence.
My difficult friend mentioned perfect silence

And I had an argument with someone who treated me with angry silence.

Silence is silence. So how come we convey so much with our silence. And how come every one of you reading this knows exactly what I mean by all these silences.

Silence can be delicious. The one when you’re on your own, walking, thinking, drifting, dreaming.

Or when you’re quiet with a man, or woman, a fire, wine, bare legs…

These are good silences.

But the fighting silence, the sulking silence, the ‘I have nothing to say to you’ silence – they’re dangerous.

Like powerful weapons.

A lot of hurt comes out of these silences.

We need to work on them.  Talk them through. Make a noise.

And aim for the perfect silence.

Okay, I can hear you, you’re all going ‘Sweet Jesus does she never ever shut up…’

So yeah.  I’ll just be quiet.



It’s a perfect silence.

Don’t fuck it up.


13 thoughts on “Silence

  1. I’ve had a bout of the wrong kind of silence lately and I wanted revenge and got my revenge. I am not a woman who takes lightly to being ignored. So this resonates with me. I love comfortable silences . Some of the best communication can evolve from these moments


  2. Conveying/detecting “intent” is the overarching component of the communication aspect of your identification of silence. In the absence of noise (sounds) sensory deprivation takes some of the load off our minds, when things are busy there. Good piece, thanks for applying some witty insight😎

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