Trump is a cunt

This morning I wrote ‘Trump is a cunt’ and it felt so good writing it. And then I said it out loud and it just rolled off my tongue, like it was the best thing to say, so smooth, so perfect, TRUMP IS A CUNT TRUMP IS A CUNT TRUMP IS A CUNT.

Then I got a bit tongue twisted and it became one of those word things like TRUMP IS A CUNT CUNT IS A TRUMP TRUMP IS A CUNT CUNT IS A TRUMP TRUMP IS A CUNT and now I just can’t get it out of my head and that’s my ear worm for the day and I’m kinda hoping it becomes yours too.

Try it.

It feels good.

… … … … … … … … …

Of course when I googled a pic I realised millions have come before me in thinking, writing and saying it.

But still.

Trump is such a cunt.

We all know it to be true.


40 thoughts on “Trump is a cunt

  1. How dare you say that Violet!

    The cunt is such a wonderful thing. It gives pleasure to both the person who has it and the person who is allowed to access it. It symbolizes peace, harmony, equality, equanimity and so many other things. I wish you did not berate the beautiful being that a cunt is…. (tongue in cheek).

    If you wish to score an expletive against Trump…well it should be Trump is Trump. There is no other derogatory term in the English language than that right now. I am sorry if I was being a Trump, writing this. But I wanted you to know I shared the feeling 🙂

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    1. Hah, I know I’m always going to get into trouble for this but – EXPRESSIVE!!! And of course, beautiful magnificent everything – but it just works. It does. You’ve tried. You’re saying it, I know…


      1. I have trouble trusting any politician, but a democrat over a republican – and a mad republican at that – gotta go democrat. also, I quite like Hilary. I never know what to believe in the media anymore but she does have my support. (even though I’m not American)

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      2. I live in the state where she and shitbag Bill got their political start. She is as corrupt as ANY person ever elected to office. The dilemma in the U.S. is simply NEITHER party supports anything beyond the special interests groups that put them in play. The greater good of the nation is swept aside, and the average uninformed citizen is simply pacified with a line of mass media bullshit that touches their anger. 40% of Americans don’t know the 3 branches of our government and what they do? 40% of America believes dinosaurs and humans lived together at the same time? The world problems are political in nature, but rather social…buried under a lack of understanding, fueled by emotion rather than reason.

        …just my thoughts 😎

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  2. It’s ironic that the words “Trump is a cunt” have such a poetic ring to them. The rhythm, the slant rhyme, the meter. I can’t say it ten times fast though. I’ve tried.

    Like Trump himself, it just becomes impossible to listen to. And incomprehensible.

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  3. Tuesday I was stuck in traffic behind a lady with a “Trump 2016” bumper sticker, and also one that said “Only 1/2 of the patients leave the abortion clinic alive” (which is, in fact, a true statement); there was also another one about being Catholic and a Republican and proud of it… Lord, save us from this insanity!


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