To my surprise and delight I received a text from an old friend (lover) last night.

Hi Miss V. I’m in town for a while, would love to see you. Dinner on Wednesday?

Yes, yes, yes, I replied.

I think I used exclamation marks, I was so excited to see him.

And then, a few hours later, my difficult friend called me.

Usual drink on Wednesday Vee?

Can’t, I said. I have a date.

Cancel it, he said.
No, I said.
Come to me first, he said.
Nope, I replied. Are you mad?

He is very organised though, this difficult friend of mine. He sent me a schedule.

4.00 pm – my house, wine.
5.00 pm – my house, the pink couch, sex.
7.30 pm – my bathroom, bubbles, jaccuzi, cigarette.
8.00 pm – you go on your date.

I should tell him to fuck off, hey?

He should know by now, I don’t smoke.


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