I think I’m going to buy a small gun and strap it to my thigh.

This is a real thing someone said to me today. Someone who is pretty similar to me. Maybe a bit more gorgeous and a whole lot younger, and definitely with better thighs, but still –


I was horrified.

I tried to talk her out of it.

Are you mad.? The wrong people will get hold of the gun, you would never be able to shoot the damn thing, there’ll be an accident, how can you even think of getting a gun, a GUN, you know it’s crazy…

She remained unfazed.

Nope, she said. I’m scared. Scared of crime, scared of what’s going on in our suburbs.  I’ll get a license, learn how to shoot, do it properly.

Dear sweet goddesses. What has happened to us? That people like her, normal ordinary lovely everyday people are so scared.

Guns are not the answer. We know that. Even she knows that.

But fear is a terrible thing.

There is nothing good about this story at all. Not a single thing.

Except maybe I’ll get to put my hands up her skirt, on her milky thighs, to check for a little Smith and Wesson.

I hope I find French lace instead.


42 thoughts on “Boom

    1. we have a huge gap between rich and poor, there has been a (not unexpected) surge in crime. i feel safe but good to be aware / vigilant. on the surface, if you were here, you would not think anything was wrong. which means you can still come visit!!
      thanks sweet pea.

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  1. Two of my “people” – a former classmate, and my friend’s parents – all live in Cape Town, and all happened to be followed home in separate incidents, their fences jumped, they were tied up, held at gun point and robbed. Yet none of them said that they were going to arm themselves afterwards. Of course here in the U.S. we love the idea of owning a gun preemptively, when realistically the guns we romantically envision using against the “bad guys” end up instead being used in domestic violence situations, or god forbid, some toddler pulls the trigger and kills his- or herself. Please, PLEASE, no gun.


  2. Here’s the thigh post! You made a good argument about someone else getting a hold of the gun and using it against her. I suppose fear can make us take extreme measures. But I hope you do find French lace.

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  3. I don’t know. Perhaps. Perhaps, not. I think a woman, in particular, may feel a sense of being more in control of her life (or, at least, her confidence and sense of security) with a weapon. If I were a woman in a place of crime, I would probably get a gun–and learn how to use it properly. I think crime isn’t always/only a function of the people around you (the “bad guys”), but perhaps just as much, the energy you’re putting out there. Criminals are scared pieces of shit. If they see someone confident, they will be way more likely to go after easier prey. If a gun gives you confidence/sense of security, that may be the real WEAPON that keeps the bad guys away.


  4. Milky thighs and French lace… love.
    Guns… war.

    Luckily, here it’s illegal to own a gun. I don’t want one, I wouldn’t want one, I can’t even contemplate the idea of ever using one.


      1. Of course, I should have said it’s illegal to carry one – you can own them if you have a licence, but you have to keep them locked up most of the time. Most people don’t bother. Personally I’d ban them altogether.

        Scary, nasty things.


  5. An incident in the U.S. this week – a woman shot and killed both of her daughters, and then was shot and killed by local police in Texas – she had earlier posted a pro-gun piece on Facebook that spoke directly to the hypocrisy of our ‘much-needed’ gun toting society. Personally, never owned one, and certainly would not feel confident in a night club or movie house with a sudden onslaught, no matter what training I had beforehand. Ridiculous rationalization by people. Own a gun as a hobby? That’s fine, but let’s quit circling the wagons – they all burn together anyway.


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