Yes. No. K.

Hey Violet, I really need that story by 3.00, can you do it?
Are you mad, that’s like now, it’s gonna take days.
Please please, it’s important, I’d forgotten.
Oh, okay, sigh, I’ll get started.

Meet me for lunch Vi?
Nah, so damn busy and gotta…
Ugh, I gotta talk to someone, desperate.
Can we do tonight, no, really no, now, you gonna kill yourself if we don’t? Fine, fine, where, when, K, see you there, put the gun down, down, now..

Vee, we’re doing this fundraiser and…
NO, just no.
But you’re so good at it and think of all those starving children and..
Oh christ, can I say no, I don’t care about the starving children, oh fuck, fine, yes 2 pm?

Anal Sex?


Can you do the school lift?
Sure, even though I think you’re a fucking cunt for never doing the school lift yourself. Sure.

Oh fuck off.

Why do I find it so hard to say no to anything? Except anal. I’ve read all the self help books and been over this a billion times in therapy.  I know it’s about self worth and loving yourself and blah blah boring and I’ve definitely learned to say no a lot more, but – mostly I think as women we find it hard to say no because – because we’re kind?  Caring.  Loving.

I don’t know.

Anyway.  No.  I can’t help you with that right now.  Sorry.  Gotta go.  Heading to the dog park.  A date. I have a dog date.

That was a YES.

Oh no!!!


15 thoughts on “Yes. No. K.

  1. I read a thing that said part of saying “no” is accepting that sometimes that is going to upset people, but understanding that that is their problem – not yours.

    That’s all very well *in theory* but reality isn’t that easy. When you care about people you don’t want to upset them. In your head you say “no”, you have all the reasons ready. Then you see their eyes, or hear the plea in their voice and all that comes out is “yes”.

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  2. I’m terrible for that, the “Do you mind if?” question, always ends up with me doing what I don’t want to do, even if I have a reason not to. That fear of letting someone down. I don’t think it’s exclusive to women,

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