A date

‘Mind If I walk with you?’

This is what a guy said to me at the park after our dogs had played and swum together and we’d kind of hung out on a bench, watching and waiting for them.

We’d hung out without talking.

And it was really cool. The dogs had fun, we’d silently soaked up the sun, there was no pressure to make conversation, it just felt easy.

So when he suggested that, I was kinda horrified.

Why spoil something good?

He asked again.

‘What do you think, would you like to walk together?’

I wanted to say no. The park is my quiet time. It’s my dog time. It’s my walking and wandering time.

Sadly I am not very good at saying no.

Instead I stammered and stuttered and said:-

‘Sure, we can, and why not but I do like to walk slowly, quietly, and I prefer not to talk and did I say I walk slowly, also it’s my time to think and ideas come and you know, really I am just going to after all of this say no. Thanks. But no.’

‘I get it,’ he said. ‘ I usually do that too.  Perhaps I just went mad for a minute.’

And then I went mad for a minute too.

‘Maybe I’ll see you here again tomorrow?’

‘Yes’, he said.  ‘That sounds good. Eleven. No talking.’

We didn’t even say goodbye. We walked off in opposite directions.  I have no idea what his name is.  But I do know the names of his dogs.

Buster and Ruby.

We may not have a date.

But our dogs definitely do.



16 thoughts on “A date

  1. It is so difficult to say no to people. Like, someone’s just taken the trouble to ask and if they’re genuine and nice then you don’t want to hurt their feelings. But your no was sweet, sounds like he got it 🙂

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