He says
I would love it
If for dinner
You wear that black dress
And those very sexy heels I like.

Are you fucking mad
I reply
It’s winter
And I want to wear fur.

We cancel.


12 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. Incidentally, I saw an amazing fur coat for sale at Junkie when I was there the other day. Despite all of my animal-rights-activist instincts, I found myself longing to buy it. I probably would have if it didn’t cost R3000.

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  2. I have a fur coat I am dying to get rid of. It was made for my Grandmother in the 80’s – it is cropped and lynx , it has her initials in it. I am anti fur but I can’t just give it back to my Gran -she is in the last stages of Dementia. Is there a big market for fur coats in South Africa? do you know any sites and what people pay ? Great writing as usual .

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  3. it would be crazy really to have a fur in SA, it’s cold for such a short time. my late Grandmother had one that I wish she’d given to me though.
    keep your fur. pass it on through the generations, even if you never wear it!


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