Shattered dreams

The house across the road from me is being renovated. Over the last week the builders have been tossing out the trash. Broken chairs, chipped crockery, frayed and tattered everything. As quickly as they toss the stuff, it disappears.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The only thing left on the sidewalk is an old broken plastic Christmas tree.

I imagine that someone will take the tree tonight.

I imagine too that it was once somebody’s dream.

Today I’ve been watching the passers-by.

I’ve also been watching documentaries.

Soweto, Time of Wrath.
Precious Metal, on Marikana.

Both films tell stories about our fractured nation.  Peoples’ hopes that have not been realised. People who have been fucked over. Lied too. And abandoned.

South Africa weeps.

And now – the USA weeps too.


Horrifying. Shocking. Shattering.

My heart goes out to the LGBT community. To the families, the friends, the oh my gosh, everyone who is hurting right now.

Dreams are being broken, worldwide.

It’s a terrible time. We need to be kinder.  We need to pick up the Christmas trees. Better yet, don’t throw them out.

Hold on to your dreams.

Help other people realise theirs.

Do not let the haters win.


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