A seasonal lover

Come over to my house tonight?

No Violet, you come to me.

Oh come on, come here, I have a fantastic fire. And soup…

I have central heating and French champagne sweetheart. Also, my car’s in for a service.

Yeah, but –  French Champagne? Ugh still. Then I have to get up, get in my car, it’s freezing outside, I’m lazy,  I don’t feel like putting on clothes and…

I also have chocolate.

I don’t care about chocolate.

Goddammit stop being difficult, I’ve been looking forward to this all day.

You know it’s like zero degrees out there, and did I mention I’m lazy, also it’s so cosy here, my dog’s on my lap, I’m reading a great book, a fantastic book in fact…

Oh come on, you’re choosing your book over me?

Sorry.  Yip.

I put the phone down on him.

And that’s the thing about winter. It’s just too hard to have a lover.

We’ll try again in Spring.


10 thoughts on “A seasonal lover

  1. What? You turned down chocolate and champagne? Ugh, that must’ve been a good book — and a really cold night!


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