Morning sex

He liked anal

She did not

The end.



26 thoughts on “Morning sex

      1. I must confess it’s something I’d never try, either as the doer or the receiver. It just seems unpleasant all around really, but it’s not like I know for a fact I suppose. 😛

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      1. For some reason I was going to everyone’s spam folder for a while there 😦 I think WordPress and I had a falling out, but we seem to be talking again now.

        I’ve been away, just a short break, but I’m back now and fully refreshed 🙂


  1. Why not just use a coke bottle? Much more sanitary, for men that is. As for women, I prefer to keep myself virginal in that area. I don’t think I’d like to feel like something’s slipping when I least expect it. TMD


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