Sunday lunch

I have a friend who I don’t see all that often. When we do connect though, like yesterday, it’s fantastic. We sit over a bottle of wine, talk about everything, we laugh, we argue, we have fun.

We’re good when we’re together.

But we’re also completely different.

He’s a vegetarian whereas I love meat. He supports Palestine, I err towards the side of Israel. He thinks the ANC are marvellous, I think they’re a bunch of cunts.

He likes anal; I am still undecided.

Our conversations can be heated and difficult but in a good way.

Yesterday we were talking about why we don’t connect all that often.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Sunday lunch together, I asked.

I have this romantic idea about Sunday lunches. I love the idea of a long table under the trees, an Indian tablecloth, white crockery, lots of red wine, kids, dogs, fresh veggies, a roast, pretty flowers, maybe someone playing the violin at the bottom of the garden…

He looked at me as if I was mad at the very thought.

I tried to explain myself.

 Sundays are when friends come together, I said.  It’s not just the traditional Sunday thing that I like, but it’s about the sharing.  Passing the salad and sharing  wine is like love.  It’s showing appreciation, it’s about community, connection, friendship...

He just stared at me.

And so I got excited.

It’s about comfort for god’s sake, Sunday lunch is about comfort. COMFORT!

I may have been yelling.

And he glazed over completely.

This man does not like anything comfortable. He’s mostly unsociable, a loner and a bit of a hermit.

Also, he has a dark side.

Sunday lunches don’t fit in that well with dark sides.

And that’s the difference between him and I.

I can be dark but not all the time.

I still want Sunday lunches.

I like them.

And I quite like the idea of comfort.


6 thoughts on “Sunday lunch

  1. I love Sunday lunches. I feel the exact same way. 🙂
    Wether it’s with my sister or just a close friend… Family, occasionally… It’s the best. I love the sharing part.

    Liked by 1 person

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