You know that thing when you wake up really early in the morning and have anxiety? Like you cannot quite put your finger on it but your heart beats fast, your chest feels tight, you go over a zillion mostly irrational things in your head, you have butterflies, think you’re dying, maybe fall asleep for a bit and then – the sun comes up and you feel okay again.

I had one of those this morning.

Which, once I was up, I kind of forgot about. I had a bubble bath, chose a good dress, put on eyeliner, a bit of lipstick and went to meet my girlfriends for coffee.

Hey guys, sorry I’m a bit late, kiss kiss, oh your hair looks gorgeous, I love that shirt, yes, cappuccino please, double shot…

And then, unexpectedly, I just burst into tears.

Sob. Splutter. Sob.

Tears everywhere.

My blonde friend gave me her cappuccino. My other blonde friend gave me her shirt to weep into.

And the exquisite blonde hugged me.

In case you think I only have gorgeous blonde friends, the others are out of town.

Anyway, I just sobbed.

And apart from the fact that I got all the attention, immediate coffee and the biggest freshest croissant, it felt so good.

So good to have friends that I could do this with.

I sobbed and they listened to me and nodded their heads gravely

And by the time I left the coffee shop, I felt so much better.

And I think I needed to share that.

That sometimes it is just very important to break down.

And talk.Β Weep, sob, wail, over absolutely anything.

And then dry your cheeks, have another coffee and continue on your way.

And know that everything helps.

Bubble baths.


A stylish dress.


And friendship.


59 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. Yup sounds like me. But I have anxiety all day everyday. I take 5 pills a day, that’s 2 different types of pills along with my anti depressant. So I guess that makes 6. I can’t ever make it stop on my own. But the times that I feel like crying, which don’t happen often, but when I do its a huge sob fest. Man do I feel good after! πŸ˜„

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    1. I only just saw this comment now.
      it is such a huge problem, anxiety, like a scourge of our times.
      i guess it is important to know you are not alone, even if sometimes it feels like you are.
      and that there are things that can help, i find exercise, getting sunshine on your skin, a delicious fruit juice – and talking / sharing – can all ease symptoms, even if for a little bit.

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  2. Hugs to you, Violet—And never underestimate the effects of estrogen! That mofo is enough to send any female over the edge even if they are in Paris in the spring! I am so glad that I have my WTF-friends to carry me through while I visit with the Shit Fairy; eventually it passes but crying your guts out is very therapeutic…XO DWD

    P.S. Love the meme! πŸ™‚


    1. and I missed this comment also, but – you’re not alone, and breathe slowly, take a walk, feel the sunshine, maybe even tell the customers you’re having a difficult time and to bear with you while you breathe slowly…


  3. I totally understand. Sometimes things are just so overwhelming even if they seem minuscule to others. Its great that you have friends to support you πŸ™‚

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  4. I can absolutely agree. I have anxiety as well. I cry to let my feeling out and I share with people that are very close to me, After all that with a shot of coffee, I feel much better. I also tend to bottle up everything up until I explode. It really helps when your friends and family to support it really make a different in the world.

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  5. Hi everyone. Sometimes for me its just the getting out the door that causes anxiety. I’m a mum, therapist, writer and general dogs body, OK PA to everyone lol. I had been suffering with severe health problems and anxiety then I discovered I was vitamin d deficient. Check out my post on my blog you might be able to relate. xxx

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  6. Anxiety has become my best friend. We hang out together almost every day. It rarely happens when we don’t meet each other. The truth is that anxiety has such a liking for me, it hardly leaves me alone. There are some days when I don’t see anxiety & strangely enough those are the days I don’t feel so normal….


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