What is the German word for that thing when you are planning a trip and have nothing to do until three days before you go when suddenly you have so much to do and so you write a list and the list gets longer and the more you cross things off the more you add things on and then work comes in and because you work on your own you have to take it and it is overwhelming and then you find mice in your fireplace and your washing machine floods and really what I am trying to say is I am going to India on Sunday and I have a terrible head cold which is why I cannot use punctuation or even think straight and am feeling excited and anxious and ย I cannot wait and OH MY FUCK – INDIA!

I think it could be Kuddelmuddel.

Which literally translated means, an excited mess.


N.B I also foundย Torschlusspanik – fear that time is running out to achieve life goals.

And Huftgold – love handles!

27 thoughts on “Reisepanik

      1. Not sure I’ve not been so schlubby not to have done that myself. Uh-oh. Meaning: I’m not sure. I’ve definitely plugged other links that have zero to do avec moi, however. Is that contra etiquette too School me. Does my face rock your fist? :[


  1. I love this post. So, so, so much โค๏ธ Fits me perfectly me when I travel. Always. Despite best intentions. I’m very sorry you don’t feel well, though. Hang in there and maybe check out Vitamin D and zinc lozenges? They are the only things that have ever helped shorten a cold for me.

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  2. All I know about India is that Alanis Morissette went there once and wrote a song about it. You can tell us all about it when you get back.

    Mercury is in retrograde. It’s fucking up everyone and everything, including technology, until May 22. If you don’t believe in that stuff you’re on your own for an explanation : – )

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