It’s not art

Yesterday I went to this inspiring outdoor exhibition, a land art thing where the artists use only natural materials they find in the park.

And as I was wandering and wondering, a man walked by with his teenage son, snapping pics of the sculptures.

Pretty cool, he said.

Astonishing. I replied. You’re lucky your son comes with you. My boys are just not interested.

The father nodded, sticking his chest out a bit.

He comes everywhere with me, he said proudly.

What do you think of the art, I asked the kid.

He grunted, which is pretty much what teenage boys do.

I figured he was shy.

It’s cool that you’re into it, I like…

The father interrupted.

Tell your boys there are hot bitches here, that’ll get them to come.

I was so taken aback that I actually answered him.

No, they won’t. That is just not their thing.

And then, and I quote, he continued:-

Better be careful babe, sounds like they could be gay.


The son had gone on ahead, probably mortified by his father.

I didn’t waste time trying to talk to this guy, instead turned and walked away.

Seriously. This is why boys are in trouble. Because their so called role models call girls Hot Bitches. And tell them being gay is something to be ashamed of.

The next sculpture was exquisite. A woman lying on her side, sleeping, sylph like, her bed the grass, her covers some palm leaves.

And all I could think was – she’s not safe. She is not safe. While men like him are in this world, none of us are.


Sculpture by Marina Walsh.

Jozi Land Art, Johannesburg

19 thoughts on “It’s not art

  1. It’s scary to realise that despite everything we try to do, all the campaigns and education that attitudes like this will persist. And if the sons do turn out like their fathers what hope is there? It makes me sad to think that there are going to be children growing up who are too scared to challenge their parents even though they know they’re wrong.

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  2. OMFG. That man is so infuriating I’m surprised he can’t feel my death stare from several thousand miles away.

    A) The use of the phrase “hot bitches” like it’s acceptable.
    B) The suggestion that if your boys don’t objectify women then they must be gay.
    C) The suggestion that you would be upset if your boys were gay, rather than proud that you had brought them up to know that all sexualities are acceptable.

    I think you did very well to walk away.

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      1. Good for you and good for them. Clearly you’ve brought them up well.

        I feel sorry for that man’s son – whatever his own opinions. If he’s following in his father’s footsteps then it’s sadly not really his fault, and if he isn’t then he has to put up with that bigot.

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