Ten more things to never say to a woman

Calm down.

Is that really what you’re going to wear?

I can tell you have your period.

That time of the month hey?

Put on a bit of weight?

Bet you’ve never had such great sex.


Seriously, calm down.

You’re just like your mother.

Ever thought of getting implants?

Are you really going to finish that?

You pregnant?

Did you come?

Why haven’t you got a boyfriend?

Still no boyfriend?

And am I just not the absolute best you’ve ever had!

I could go on but I have to go kill someone.   Feel free to add…


29 thoughts on “Ten more things to never say to a woman

  1. “Oh, you’re bi, that’s hot! Do you have snapchat?”

    A) I’m not bi, stop reading with your dick and look at the words that are actually there.
    B) Even if I had snapchat, no. No, no, no.

    Who’s incurred your wrath, Violet? Kick some ass!

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  2. I’d agree with all those except one. “No”. Depends on the question. If it’s “be someone you’re not” the correct answer is no. I know a few husbands who always say yes. Their wives don’t respect them for being doormats. They barely respect themselves either.

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  3. It’s very intriguing how women interact with each other verses men and women? Being a man, I’ve accepted the different evolutionary plateau’s attained by the two. Men are FAR less advanced in the delicate areas of etiquette and grace! Praise and adoration are all one needs when addressing a woman, especially the modern day version. Careful not to come off as PATRONIZING and come off as disingenuous, but subtle heartfelt innuendo’s that don’t stir up any unnecessary turmoil😉

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