Why are you marching, Violet?

For the exercise, I replied. You?

She thought for a minute. And then said:

For the right to vote. For democracy. Freedom. For the Constitution. For education. For humanity.

And most importantly, for peace.

Oh god, I had given the wrong answer.

Of course I was marching for all those things too. I was, after all, part of the Peace march at Constitution Hill.

This was not the gym!

But right that moment, when she asked me, everything felt good. People were drumming, dancing and singing. The sky was shimmering, the sun on our skin felt delicious, and there were so many of us, all colours, ages and religions, connected as one.

And there were no politicians.

Which meant there was no agenda.

I got in my ten kilometres, sucked in my core, got a little bit sunburned, drank water from the fountain and headed home.

And on the way home I saw these birds.

Magnificent.  Peaceful.  In formation.

And free.

Exactly the way we South Africans marched today.

With only one agenda – Peace.




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