Favorite sex positions

In a shoe shop
Trying on frocks
Having a pedicure
Biting into chocolate
Wearing new underwear
Opening a parcel
Eating crab
Sipping a negroni
Smelling roses
Sharing cake
Snuggling in sunbeams
Laying back
Listening to Bowie
Listening to Prince
Wiping tears

Sleeping, dreaming, touching, feeling

And also

On top.

I do quite like to be on top.


14 thoughts on “Favorite sex positions

  1. I’d lie you back, crawl down to your feet and gently lift your ankles. I kiss your calfs softly as I eased myself into your soft wet pussy. I’d hold your legs pulling myself into you deeply and slowly, but then as your breaths quicken so would I. I’d change my grip and push your knees to your chest or shoulders and then I’d hammer you down into the bed….. I’d make you cum with a cry of “Enough! Enough!” before filling you with my seed.
    I do hope you’d approve Violet? I do hope you’d enjoy?


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