I want…

I’m glad I’m older.  I’m glad I no longer have men looking at me. Making me feel unsafe. Mostly, I am glad for the lack of attention.

I spat out my tea when I read that.


I mean, I respect the woman who wrote this and she has her reasons and every single one is valid but goddammit, I want men to look at me until the day I die.

And women too!

I never want to blend into the background. I want to be seen. And acknowledged.

On my own terms of course. Cat calls when they suit me. Wolf whistles – ugh, any time really.

And always with respect. But still, I want it.

You just like the attention, said my difficult friend.

But so what, I replied.

Don’t we all want to be seen?

And not just for our brilliant brains and our fabulous legs.

But for our sparkling personalities.

I have no intention of getting old quietly.

My shoes will never be those comfortable ones. No green cross nonsense for me. I’m going to wear coloured tights and chunky jewellery,  bright lipstick, my hair will be funky and there will be glitter.  In a very elegant way of course.

I want to be bright, brilliant and bold when I’m older.

And fuckable too.

I think that’s mostly all I’m trying to say,  hah oops, don’t kill me but that’s the truth.

Mostly, I want to be fuckable. On my terms, of course.

Until the day I die.


31 thoughts on “I want…

  1. I want to be notorious when I am old. I want to be the old lady sweeping her walk and when a young man walks by pinch his ass and then just keep sweeping. I want to make him wonder.

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  2. I agree never let anyone dull your sparkle! I let my hair go grey, actually white, it was amazing the looks and attention I got. I think it was the young face with the grey hair that lead to a confidence that showed in how I carried myself. I’m not getting older I’m getting better

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  3. It’s the craziest thing, and I’m still not used to it, but when I use my cane, I’m instantly invisible. I’m still ME (including all the dirty parts) and my cane is all pimped out, but it screams scary and sad instead of sexy. Thank goodness I snagged a great boyfriend before I started growing cobwebs…but I must say that I really enjoy being 40+. I stopped giving a shit about stuff that gave me hangups in my other decades and started discovering real joy. I wish the same for you.

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  4. I LOVE this! Especially; “Mostly, I want to be fuckable. On my terms, of course. Until the day I die.”



  5. Amen, Sister! I am fighting the good fight and I will not go down easy (in failure, that is!), I know that the battle will be hard fought but I am going to give it everything that I’ve got! I am a 50-something and I am nowhere near surrender…beauty and brains, baby, I am all about redefining this decade…XO DWD

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