It’s Monday
and I’m sorry I’m late
I was reading

Who’m I kidding
I was masturbating



17 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Years ago I worked at a resort as the executive chef. One day one of my chefs lobbed in late, I looked at the clock as walked in putting his apron on “Sorry chef, I woke up pitching a tent; had to pull it down before I could leave my room.”


      1. I couldn’t fault him on it, hey we have all been late for something because of it. I met my wife up there and whenever I was late it wasn’t because I was sorting myself out. Sometimes I’d the urge mid shift or she would walk through the kitchen and give me the nod; 5 minutes later I’d be gone for 10 minutes. When I came back I’d be freshly showered or stinking like sex and sweat

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