Hotel sex

I’m thinking of the times I’ve spent in hotels. King size beds, fluffy robes, mirrored ceilings, fabulous hair products, sumptuous body creams, waiters coming with room service and the silver domed platter things, champagne on ice and huge bubble baths with thick fluffy towels.

Mostly, it means getting turned on.

Feeling sexy.

The lighting is always dim, there’s fantastic Egyptian cotton, sexy cushions that get flung on the floor, candles in the bathrooms, and yeah, taking off those robes. The novelty of something new, something exciting, the unknown.

And I think it’s the same in a motel. It doesn’t have the luxury at all, but they’re sexy. Just the word motel is sexy – it conjures up naughty, dirty, decadent sex.

So I couldn’t help being fascinated when I read the story in the New Yorker, The Voyeur’s Motel, by Gay Talese.  (Read it below)

Gerald Foos opens a motel in Colorado and for decades he watches his clients having sex. Young, old, pretty, flabby, straight, gay – he creeeps up into the attic and watches them.

And then he makes notes.

He documents everything!

In the more than fifteen years, he never got caught. And then one day, like now, he decided he needed to tell his story, and he called Talese and bears all.

Mostly, I think Foos was a cunt and a cheat and devious and how dare he do what he did. But he did.

And there’s something that I’ve been thinking.

Hotel or motel sex is different.  It’s somehow decadent. It’s a lot easier to abandon your inhibitions. Try different things. Use the dining room table. Wander around naked. Act out your fantasies.

Know that it’s totally completely private.

Or maybe, know that it isn’t.

Maybe sex that is different – in a car, at a party, in the garden, on a boat, at the doctor’s office – is good for that very reason.

It’s risky.

Someone could be watching.


Making notes.

And maybe that is a turn on too.


Read the article here.


22 thoughts on “Hotel sex

  1. That spying guy is creepy. I think vacation sex is great for the change it gives to the usual. And the wonderful beds and showers in good hotels certainly help. I love a fancy hotel shower.


  2. Okay I am never having sex in a hotel room again…unless I decide that I am into having dirty old men watch…(shiver in horror)


  3. That was a very well-written article. So objective! Thanks for passing it on! It’s crazy that this has reached you all the way in South Africa! Living in Denver, I have heard about Gerald a few times over the years and it was just on our local news a couple mornings ago. In all that I’ve heard, his story was never presented like this.

    I find it incredible that he was able to do this for so long without being discovered. After reading some of his notes, it kinda makes me wish he would have tried to publish them. He was actually a pretty decent writer. Very descriptive… Quite a study on sociology and sexuality… And the time period he was watching them might prove to be very interesting and entertaining to read about… Maybe I’m a sicko too because that shit is fascinating to me. He clearly wasn’t in this just to watch people fuck each other. The fact that he drew conclusions after each “viewing” is rather scientific, don’t you think?

    Again I am hoping that this doesn’t make me “sick”, but Foos kind of had a point when he said they didn’t know about it so it couldn’t and didn’t hurt them (until everything eventually came out in the open)… I mean, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

    In the end, I think it revealed a lot to Foos about people and relationships that he may not have wanted to know, and the New Yorker article helped to pass some of that idea along.


    1. i think when i first read the article i was like whoa and interesting and then – that thing about right to privacy and violation and yeah, i think just not okay to do what he did. even in the ‘name of science’ which really, included a lot of masturbation and him fucking his wife!

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  4. Wow, this is the first I’ve heard about any of this. I have to say, I’m more disturbed about the journalist who knew all about it and let it carry on than I am about the guy himself.

    On a brighter note, I’m in a hotel room. By myself, but I like my own company 🙂

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