Swipe Right for Violet

Swipe right if you want to see Violet!

And make your way to Cape Town…

Violet Online, Love Me Tinder, opens in a few days, the 18th April, at the Alexander Bar, Cafe and Theatre.

We are getting excited and terrified and feeling so good and also know it’s going to be too much fun and you’ll be clutching your tummies laughing and gasping and maybe even crying a little.

When you get home, you’ll probably delete Tinder off your phone. But who knows, you might choose to upload it.

It will be obvious if you have to change your dating profile pic.

You’ll also know which vibrator not to buy, best place for shoes, what to do with a female condom, you may learn how to give a blow job and also how to find love.

Or at the very least, how to keep looking for love.

It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s sexy and we think you’ll enjoy it.

Book now.

Leave the kids at home with their phones.

And remember – avoid the man carrying the fish. He is dangerous.

A little like Violet herself.


The beautiful and very talented Lynita Crofford plays Violet Online.

The play is directed by the amazing Megan Furniss.

It’s at The Alexander Bar, Cafe and Theatre, opens 18 April. 021 – 300 1088


38 thoughts on “Swipe Right for Violet

  1. What an amazing accomplishment Violet😎

    The sense of pride emanating from seeing your creativity come to life through your writing transformed into a theatrical production for the world to see…congratulations😊

    Liked by 4 people

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