Love and baking

I’ve been swamped with messages, people asking me for advice on love and baking.

I’ve made it clear that I cannot give advice on love.

But I can always help with baking. I love it. I love wandering the aisles of the grocery store, picking out the most delicious ingredients, flirting with the cashier, coming home, choosing an apron, cracking eggs, sifting flour, stirring, folding, pretending I’m Nigella, melting, drizzling, beating, whipping and sprinkling.

And then licking the spoon, of course.

Today I made a raspberry soufflé with a molten chocolate centre. Oh my god. Apart from being stupendously delicious, it’s very sexy. Anything with raspberries and chocolate is sexy.

I got distracted as I was pouring the mixture.

Raspberry soufflé will do that to you.

Except this time I didn’t think about a man amongst the raspberries.

Because I had spatulas and wooden spoons and tongs and turners and a whisk.

And a blender. Oh my.

A blender.

It’s very important to lie down in between the various baking stages. To rest.

To allow your intuition to take over.

That’s the thing about baking. You need to feel it.  All over.  On every single teeny gorgeous soft luscious part of you.

Go with it. The baking flow.

It’s all about the way you use your hands.

Who cares if they’re a little bit sticky.

That may just be the secret ingredient.


N.B. Look out for my new cookbook.  Violet Bakes. Burns? Scorches?

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