death – life

Today an email popped into my inbox, an obituary, sadly announcing the death of Marisa Allen from Vaughantown, Spain.

I’d never met Marisa, and in fact only chatted to her a few times, briefly, online. Even so, I was moved to tears.

Moved by the death of someone I never knew.

It was partly her photograph that got me. She looked vivacious, beautiful, kind and open.

But it was mostly the words.

Gone too soon.
Unexpected death.
Devastated family.
Shocked colleagues.

Marisa Allen.

She died young. I felt the heartbreak of her family and friends.  It seemed she touched many peoples’ lives.

It made me think, not only of Marisa Allen, but of all of us. Our fragility.

We never know.

We never know what’s around the fucking corner.

Seize the moments.  Don’t worry if you spell seize wrong. Be present. Wear daisies behind your ear. Go barefoot. Eat that piece of cake. Have more sex. Love your people. Be kind. Make a difference.

Live life.

Love life.

RIP, Marisa Allen.  Condolences to all at Vaughantown.


15 thoughts on “death – life

  1. Cancer sucks!!! We’re closer to finding a cure for AIDS than solving the cancer dilemma.

    The moral to this I guess would be…don’t take anyone or anything you hold dear for granted? If you love someone, make sure they never doubt you, or wonder just how important they are to your heart! There’s really nothing more we have to offer each other…

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