Thinking, writing, dreaming.

Yesterday while walking in the park I came up with a whole lot of absolutely brilliant writing ideas. Like:-

A thriller about a woman who single handedly wipes out all the mosquitos in Johannesburg.

A memoir that includes burning down a neighbour’s house, not mistakenly killing the very noisy tenants.

A children’s book about a dog who loves the park so much she abandons her owner.

And  a movie where a girl  goes for a walk and it’s Autumn and so beautiful that she just keeps going.  Further.  And further.  And further.

And here’s the thing –

I wouldn’t have had any of these thoughts if I hadn’t been out walking.

Because walking does that to me.

I don’t know how but it helps me have my best thoughts.  It opens up a different space and somehow – well, as you can see above – I have these beyond brilliant brainwave moments.

Even if only I think they are brainwave!

For now I feel inspired and creative and whoa, I can’t wait to start on the mosquito story.

And when I get stuck – page three, I may have run out of DOOM – I’m going to grab my hat, shoes and sunblock and head out.


Should I go back to sleep?

I thought about writing this blog while I was out walking.

But while I was cosy in bed I dreamed of a very beautiful erotic story. The passion, the sex, oh god the sex, it’ll be a bestseller, I know.

This is getting hard.  What should I do? Walk / Think / Sleep / Write / Dream / Sex.

I’m going to get back into bed to think about it.

I think that’s the sensible thing to do.

Rolling over.



12 thoughts on “Thinking, writing, dreaming.

  1. Imagining the “what if’s” certainly makes us feel like we can set our world straight! The brain gets fully aroused while we’re in creative mode, that being said, whatever gets your brain aroused should be on that list 😎


  2. What if, after the woman wipes out mosquitoes, several admirers congratulate her — and that leads to wild, exhausting erotic adventures? Thriller to beautiful erotic story! Hold onto your hat!

    Liked by 1 person

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